Sausage roll machines and cake cutting equipment


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Bakery Industry Products
Our range of equipment for the bakery industry covers a wide array of applications.

Pasty products - Sausage roll machines Pastry Products
We have vast experience in the production of pastry products such as sausage rolls and pasties and are able to supply complete production lines including pastry preparation equipment ,for example, gauging rollers, multirollers and pastry decorating cutters (striator cutters).

cake cutting equipment The Northwood “Carousel marking station” houses several styles of cutters at once facilitating swift product changeovers with no manual handling of the sharp cutters.

Travelling Guillotines
Northwood also supply individual machine modules such as travelling head guillotines to upgrade existing production lines. The travelling guillotine is more accurate, versatile and much quieter than a scissor action guillotine and is suited to many applications. We have successfully integrated them into production lines for major UK cake manufacturers to cut products such as brownies and flapjack and pastry producers have used them to cut all manner of elaborate shapes.
travelling guillotines
cutters Cutters
Already have a guillotine from another supplier but find cutting sets expensive? We can supply tool sets to fit your machine at highly competitive prices.


Materials handling
Our experience does not end at the production stage. Previous projects have included automatic tray filling systems with retracting nose conveyors, conveyor transfer systems to and from freezers and multi tier box packing lines.

Other equipment
Other machinery manufactured by Northwood includes:

• Depositors
• Glazing units
• Rotary cutters
• Sheeters
• Extruders
• Flour dusters
• Pastry docking stations
• Scrap removal conveyors
• Flour removal brushes

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