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Standard belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, slat band conveyors, radius conveyors, elevator conveyors, troughed name it the chances are we've made it !

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stainless steel conveyors

All our stainless steel conveyors and conveyor systems are individually designed and purpose built to suit the application. Each project is given the same attention to detail no matter how large or small.

We have the experience to transfer your products smoothly from A to B.

A new direction
Need to change the orientation of your product or pack?
Not enough space for a radius bend?

We have two solutions to move them through a true right angle.

Retracting nose conveyors are commonly used in the bakery industry in tray filling applications but can also be used to lay the product onto a conveyor running perpendicular to the original direction of travel.

In one instance a customer had a requirement to divide a single lane of processed cheese stacks into two lanes and change the orientation of the product at a rate of 100 packs/min. A tall order by anyones standards ! After a lot of head scratching we were able to provide a bespoke solution that met his criteria.

Packing stations

Packing stations
The design of our end of line packing stations gives a twofold saving for our customers. Due to the compact design the unit frees up valuable floor space.

More importantly there is a significant labour saving to be made since one packer can cope with higher volumes due to the re-circulating "carousel" conveyors arrangement.

For larger operations we have a multi station version with the empty box feed and full carton outfeed conveyors.

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