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Dairy Industry Equipment

Cheese Cutting Machines
Our range of cheese cutters have been developed over the last few years by listening to the needs of our customers.

We can offer a prepack cutter to produce both fixed and random weight portions from a 20Kg block without breaking the bank!

We have integrated state of the art pneumatic technology in the machine design and used simple engineering principles to produce an automatic cheese cutter that gives the operator accurate control over portion weights.

Northwood have manufactured different syles of machine to cut catering size cheese blocks. They range from single stage cutters through to a multi stage machine able to cut the block in both orientations.

Cheese cutting equipment

Cheese cutting machines One application called for a sticks cutter that could be fed and unloaded from the same position to reduce the amount of labour required for the operation. We were able to provide a solution with a bespoke U shaped cutter.


Heavy duty cheese cutting equipment

Heavy Duty Cheese Cutters
Our range of machines was extended when we were asked to design a cutter to portion 60Kg blocks of Emmental.

We have two versions of this machine available. The later model incorporates a powered infeed system and also handles Gouda and Cheddar blocks.

Cheese Grating Lines
Considering the installation of a shredded cheese line? Northwood can create proposal layouts for your new line, manufacture key elements of the line and liase with other suppliers to provide you with an operation to suit your needs.

Our scope of supply includes -

•  Cheese cubing cutter

•  Troughed conveyors

•  Chutes

•  Potato starch dispenser

•  Drum blender

•  Elevator conveyor

•  Access gantry

•  Outfeed conveyor

Food conveyor systems

Speciality Cheese equipment
We have a range of equipment for re-pressed cheese production including.

•  Stainless steel moulds

•  Mould Presses

•  Roller Conveyors

•  Hand operated truccle cutters

To reduce manual handling of heavy moulds Northwood installed a semi-automatic mould filling and transfer system into one of our customer's factories.

Cheese was conveyed from the bowl chop directly into the mould and the full mould transported onto one of two presses via a roller conveyor system.

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