Over the years we have developed a wide range of bakery production machines

As with all our products we are able to provide support by our UK based engineers. Because we’ve been in business since 1989 we have a wealth of experience.

Travelling Head Guillotine

This is one of our most widely sold products. Our travelling head guillotine is the most efficient, fast & reliable way of cutting  a number of products to include:

  • Flap Jacks/cereal bars
  • Brownies
  • Pastry

We are able to supply many different bespoke shapes of tooling for guillotines made by other manufacturers


Lid Cutter Tooling


One of our guillotines supplied as part of a full pastry line project of ours.

You can see immediately after the guillotine we have provided a scrap take off system which comprises of 2 belts, 1 incline & 1 right angled across the product conveyor, this belt delivers the scrap pastry to a bin.


Complete Sausage Roll/Pasty Line

We have installed a number of complete lines & are happy to provide individual items also.

Gauging Rollers


Line cutters & water drip application


A typical Roll/Pasty line:

  • Incline & horizontal conveyors
  • Dusters
  • Cross Pinner
  • Gauging Rollers
  • Line cutters
  • Water drip application
  • Pastry folding & marking tooling
  • Guillotine
  • Glazing machine

Folding followed by optional marking


Guillotine cutting


Pastry Marking Tool (Crescent)


Glaze application


Pastry Line Processing

Other pastry line equipment that we manufacture:



Cross Pinners


Used to reduce laminated stacks of pastry down from Approx. 75mm to 7mm. Full electronic height adjustment via HMI touch screen.

Gauging Rollers:
Fine adjustment of pastry thickness. Full electronic height adjustment via HMI touch screen.

Cross Pinners:
Used to reduce the elasticity & stress in the pastry by rolling the pastry in 2 directions.

This device continuously folds the pastry. Full electronic setting & adjustment via HMI touch screen.

Butter Cutter

Large blocks of butter are manually loaded into the machine. The operator manually closes the slide guard & presses the cycle start button. The machine pushes the butter block through the cutting frame & the cut pieces drop into a tote bin that has been wheeled into the machine.


Baking Tray Loading Machine

This machine is designed for continuously loading sausage rolls and other pastry products into baking trays. The tray is loaded onto the end of an indexing conveyor by the operator. The conveyor moves the trays one at a time into the machine.

Products travelling from the main production line are transferred onto a belt conveyor that has a sensor at the very end. When the product reaches the sensor the end of the conveyor retracts in a rapid motion to deposit the products into the tray below.


Particle Dispensers/Dusters

Originally designed for dusting a fine coating of flour onto pastry this machine has also been used for dispensing seeds and potato starch powder. It can be supplied as a stand alone unit on it’s own mobile frame or built into a larger machine.


Complete Pie Line (Blocker)

We have developed an inline high output pie blocker available from 4 across up to 10 across.

The line features:

  • Pastry Extruder
  • Billet cutter & gaper
  • Foil dispenser
  • Blocking (pressing the pastry shell)
  • Filling point, (filling depositor to be supplied by others)
  • Lid extruder
  • Lid press/crimper
  • Lid scrap take-off system
  • Pie take-off system

We have developed a number of pie blocking advancements over the years to include a sophisticated dual stage electronic temperature control technique for the blocking die & base. We believe this system to be the most accurate & reliable which in turn translates to a superior product at increased delivery rates.

We are able to provide any tooling required so that different products can be run on the same line.


Extruder & guillotine billet cut


Pie base Blocking


Lid cutting/trimming